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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

My Grandma Elisa used to call me "savrozika". In Ladino/Judeo-Spanish this means sweet/delightful and it originates from the word "savor" meaning taste/flavor.

When my dear friend Susan Barocas asked me if I'd be interested to join a project called SAVOR, the title immediately took me back to my childhood days: the delicious Shabbat meals, the Sephardic traditional songs we loved to sing in the family and the unforgetable memories in my grandparents' house in Galata, Istanbul. I immediately accepted to be one of the 10 female chefs contributing to the experience.

This month I wanted to share this amazing project with you!

The connection between music and food is at the heart of Sephardic culture and tradition. The two sensory experiences have survived in their unique forms and have connected Sephardic Jews through shifting centuries and borders. This new and unique project brings together these cultural touchstones.

Ladino singer&song writer Sarah Aroeste along with Sephardic chef&food writer Susan Barocas decided to present an experience by selecting 10 songs in Ladino language (each one revolving around a specific food beloved among Sephardim) and then matching each song with a recipe created by a celebrated female chef who helps to preserve and promote Sephardic food through her work.

The recipes will be demonstrated in ten special videos showing each chef preparing the dish based on the song and discussing the ingredients, flavors, connections to Sephardic cuisine and history as well as personal connections to the food.

SAVOR will help foster community and connection through music and food and bring people together to share our beautiful Sephardic culture and history with larger communities of all ages and backgrounds.

I am very happy and excited to be part of SAVOR: A SEPHARDIC MUSIC & FOOD EXPERIENCE. The recipe which I am going to prepare is-for now- a SURPRISE. It will surely be 'muy savrozika' (very tasty)!

More from me soon... Stay tuned! And don't forget to follow me on my Instagram page and web site for exciting updates.

If you would like to support and be a part of this unique project, find further details at SAVOR info page.

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