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Are you in love with STRAWBERRIES?

Updated: May 4, 2022

I sure am!

Those red, plump, juicy, heart-shaped 'fruits of love' make us so happy with their extraordinary flavor and fragrance. They are fat-free, low in calories and full of antioxydants, minerals and vitamins. On top of enjoying them as they are, strawberries are also used to prepare delicious dishes: strawberry cakes, tarts, shortcakes, biscuits, puddings, cheesecakes, icecreams, milkshakes, jams, salads, sauces and soups. Yes, 'soupe de fraises', as the French call it, is a deliciously refreshing cold soup served as dessert.

Have a look at these interesting facts to find out more about strawberries. Further on I will give you the STRAWBERRY SOUP recipe.

  • There are 200 seeds on an average strawberry. Plus, they are the only fruit to wear their seeds on the outside.

  • Strawberry with some crème chantilly (cream) is a favorite combination of love and romance. But not only! Strawberry and cream is also a traditional Wimbledon snack. More than 25,000 kg of strawberries are consumed every year during the Wimbledon.

  • In Belgium, there is a museum called 'Musée de la Fraise' dedicated entirely to strawberries.

  • In France, newlywed couples are, by tradition, served soup made from strawberries, powdered sugar, and cream for breakfast as soon as they emerge from their bridal chamber.

  • There is also a legend that if someone eats half of a strawberry and feeds the other half to someone else, these two people would fall in love with each other.


Don't tell me you are tossing them into the trash bin. Please don't! This strawberry soup recipe uses and upcycles those strawberry tops too.



🍓500 grams organic strawberries

🍓8-10 fresh mint leaves

🍓Juice of 1 lime, freshly squeezed

🍓Freshly ground black pepper

🍓The peels of 1-2 organic apples and their cores


🍓Clean and cut the tops of the strawberries. Don't throw them away! Remember nothing is wasted in the kitchen, everything can be transformed.

🍓Cut the strawberries into quarters and mix them in the blender with the fresh mint leaves and fresh lime juice.

🍓Prepare a syrup/puree by boiling the strawberry tops with the apple peels and apple cores. (If you want add some sugar now is the time) When entirely cooked, mash them to have a thick syrupy puree.

🍓Add the puree into the blender and mix with the strawberries&lime&mint.

🍓Put the soup into the fridge for at least an hour to chill.

🍓Just before serving add some freshly ground black pepper.

🍓Decorate with some mint leaves.

Enjoy 😉

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