UNDP Turkey- GAP- Kashkarikas Zero Waste Menu

Under the Social Cohesion between Syrian and Host Communities in Turkey through Women’s Empowerment Project, carried out with the cooperation of GAP Regional Development Administration and UNDP Turkey, a video series has been prepared to reduce this negative impact and raise awareness on zero waste in these days when everyone should mostly stay at home.

A ‘Zero Waste Menu’ consisting of soup, main course and dessert was created by Chef Sibel Pinto, the founder and pioneer of Action Kashkarikas Food Waste Awareness and Wasteless Kitchens Movement. In all recipes, attention was drawn to global food waste and how to reuse kitchen wastes such as stale bread, potatoes and onion peels in meals. Detailed videos and recipes were shared with the women living in the GAP Region through ÇATOMs (Multi-Purpose Community Centres).

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Are you
  • Involved with a cooking school, association, foodbank or community group?
  • Enthusiastic to volunteer?
  • Committed to fight against food waste?
  • Determined to make a difference?
  • Environment friendly?
  • Want to learn, to share and to teach?

If you like what we do and want to support our mission, please get in touch with us on 

Okan University Istanbul, Turkey was our project partner in 2016.

Action Kashkarikas donated collected funds to Action against Hunger between 2016 and 2019