Event organized by Chef Sibel Pinto with Slow Food Şile Palamut Convivium

A Cooking Demo to Raise Awareness on Food Waste and Food Loss

We Can Impact People’s Practices and Choices for a Better World

The digital class was held by Chef Sibel Pinto – a renowned culinary instructor and researcher who founded “Action Kashkarikas” to raise awareness on food waste and food loss. Through a cooking demo in the chef’s kitchen, participants learnt clever use of ingredients “from root to leaf” . The event was a unique opportunity to discover other countries and cultures, as the Slow Food network links people from across the globe as a way to travel the world from home.

The event organized by Chef Sibel Pinto and Şile Palamut Convivium was a part of the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020-2021 program. We are so happy and truly honoured. Terra Madre is the most important international Slow Food event dedicated to good, clean and fair food.


Action Kashkarikas is a great experience, with a big human touch. We-more than ever-believe that small changes collectively have a big impact for a better world. A BIG THANK YOU to all the chefs, restaurants, schools, associations, food banks, networks who hosted us, to all the participants who attended our events, to all the volunteers who helped us before/during our events. Also a SPECIAL THANK YOU to our friends and family for believing and supporting us. All together we have made a difference. We are forever grateful! 


Action Kashkarikas is very happy to have achieved its initial target! 

Between December 2016 and February 2018 we organised 15 local events (classes, demos, workshops, lectures, conferences, gala dinners) in the countries we visited.  250 participants joined our classes, learnt about the better use of ingredients and said STOP to food waste.  350 guests tasted our food.  We collected 6,184 US$ funds, donated to Action against Hunger and helped them in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. 

We are proud to have touched the lives of 137 children and their families around the world. 



12 January 2017 Cafe Contento, Chef Jose Bossuet, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

17 March 2017 American Friday Group Paris, France

22-24 March 2017 Okan University, Istanbul, Turkey

28 May17 Association des Droits de l'Homme de la Sorbonne, Paris Workshop 

On June 25th 2017 Parisian Turks and friends got together for a picnic to celebrate the beginning of summer and Eid holiday. Turkish-Sephardic delicacies, prepared by chef Sibel Pinto, were tasted and the donation was transferred to Action Against Hunger. 

Between September and November 2017 we organised a series of cooking demos and workshops where we talked about our action to fight food waste, shared our recipes with the participants, and collected donations to Action against Hunger.

On Nov 5th, 2017 chef-instructor Sibel Pinto was the guest to Berlin Bet Debora network. During the Jewish Heritage Days, she gave a lecture, a lesson and cooked for 50 guests. The honorarium she received was completely donated to Action against Hunger.

January 2018: Workshop with Leket Israel 

Lecture with Israeli Association for Culinary Culture Tel Aviv

Febrauray 2018 Fundraising dinner in Barcelona Restaurant Capicua

The Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Project-INOGAR : A Gastrodiplomacy event: Local and Immigrant Women together in the Kitchen- Nov 2018

Sile Palamut Women’s Association of Local Seeds: UNDP United Nations Development Program: A Day in Ovacik: Wasteless Kitchen Atelier 

ECUJE ‘Espace Culturel et Universitaire des Juifs d’Europe’:

 Sephardic Cuisine and Zero Waste, Nov 2019

United Nations Development Program UNDP& GAP Regional Development Administration: Women’s Empowerment Project
Zero Waste Menu videos during the Covid-19 crisis

We successfully utilise the food waste like fruit and vegetable trimmings, peels, left-overs, and recycle food scraps as an exciting food adventure and a most enjoyable dining experience. We help others to learn to use every opportunity to prevent food waste, to show ways to improve our practices and attitudes about waste, to strengthen sustainability of the food system and to be a catalyst for changing the social acceptability of wasted food.



They are open to public.

Preparing good food does not necessarily mean to use expensive, luxurious or 'noble' ingredients. The objective is to pass the message that basic ingredients and ‘waste’ can be turned into tasty, healthy and presentable food. We have a slide show and we give examples from our repertoire.


These are educational sessions (with a participation fee or sponsored). We talk about food waste and then show examples of Turkish and Sephardi cuisines using ‘edible wastes’ and low-cost ingredients. 


The dinner is prepared in the kitchen premises of our partners in each country (cooking schools, restaurants, associations) We coordinate the process with the participation of the local kitchen team. The dinner is open to public (with a participation fee or sponsored) for fundraising.