Sibel C. Pinto is a cook, instructor, author, lecturer, and food ambassador. She has more than 20-years’ experience in food industry and specializes in Turkish and Sephardi cuisines. She studied in Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School and received her degree in Taste, Gastronomy, and the Arts of the Table (DUGGAT) from the Reims Champagne-Ardenne University. She is a researcher on Mediterranean cuisines and she contributes to the promotion of the Turkish and Sefardi cuisines. She is the author of Gourmand Cookbook Award winning book 'The Evolution of the Sephardic Cuisine in Turkey: Five Centuries of Survival'

Henri Pinto is a communications manager, specialized in digital marketing and communications. He has a 30-years’ carrier in healthcare industry working to improve the well-being of people.

We are passionate about authentic home cooking. We are interested in the stories behind food, as we believe that the best food is rooted in tradition. We love slow cooking like our grandmothers used to, taking the time and effort in preparing. We have a creative and inspirational approach to food. We use peels, scraps and low-cost ingredients to cook delicious, healthy comfort food

We are committed to better health for human kind, to create educational opportunities and to support rural development. We are involved in the battle against poverty and hunger. We want to promote ecological development and humanitarian aid. Particular attention is turned to help women and children in need.

We respect the culture, history, traditions and customs of the communities and countries we will visit. The basis of our project is to support local people, communities, economy, and ecology. Thus the planning and realization of our project always takes place in conjunction with the beneficiaries and our supporters.