STOP! It's not trash, it's today's meal!

Join us in the fight against food waste


Food waste is a highly visible and urgent challenge that is gaining importance worldwide. While consumer and residential waste represent the largest sources of food waste, restaurants also account for 37% of waste. Thus we, cooks have the opportunity to have a significant impact on reducing food waste at the source by becoming more engaged, creative and focused in cooking. We would like to contribute to raise awareness and to teach, to learn and to share best practices in food waste prevention.

Our mission ACTION KASHKARIKAS is to teach how to cook delicious, diverse, healthy and inspiring food by using fruit-vegetable trimmings, peels, left-overs and low cost ingredients. We use “real” ingredients, we cook well, we teach how, we waste less, we eat healthier, we save money, and we contribute to the environment.  

Through our project we aim at taking part in a challenge around food loss and food waste and get the opportunity to contribute:

-to prevent and reduce food losses and food waste,

-to improve eating ethically,

-to food sustainability,

-to protect the eco-system,

-to transmit our know-how to young generations,

-to accomplish a humanitarian objective for hunger prevention around the world

*Kashkarikas is the emblem dish of the traditional Turkish-Sefardi cuisine prepared by using the peels of zucchini/courgettes.